5 of 10 Rules of Managing Project

1. Write requirements and obtain customer approval
Includes new projects and projects given to you in mid-progress
Any project, any size, including small RFS (Request for Service) projects or SR (Service Request) projects

2. Write meeting minutes
Write meeting minutes and send the day of the meeting
Agenda, roll call, last weeks minutes, open action items, risks, issues, decisions, new business and next meeting. Run a business meeting
Caution: projects fail when the PM gets too busy in the beginning of the project and does not write meeting minutes. This is an easy trap into which to fall. The absolute opposite is true as meeting minutes will give the PM time with a working set of action items.

3. Track action items and do completed staff work
Write action items in the meeting minutes and track weekly (or track in a separate action items document)

4. Manage scope and write PCRs
Ask first question, is it in scope? Then two steps:
Write PCR (Project Change Request) for the customer, send to the customer, to have customer approve and return (many fall out in this step)
Complete the work – visibly track as “out of plan”, until PCR signed
Show initiative! Lead this change!

5. Update project plan and send weekly
Customer wants the project plan. It is mandatory to delivery completion
Technique tip: weekly send with meeting minutes to set customer expectation and create a routine for the project manager
Most visible work item in the whole project

rest of 5 rules … stay tune brother 😀


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