the rest of 5 rules of 10 rules of managing project

6. one-page weekly summary
Nets the project into one page and identified the trends G/Y/R status
Identifies weekly work completed, deliverables and milestones

7. Use a PCB and file documents
All documents filed in a PCB (Project Control Book)
If a PCB does not exist, then create one. Consistent filing of documents and sharing with the project office and peers

8. Document risks & issues
Write risks and issues and keep them up to date
Always being asked by customers, management and status
Always carry with you for instant review of project risk

9. Put a stake in the ground
Call & Talk and meeting is going nowhere
Write executive summary and detailed section note to document
Drive work item closure, clear documentation to put a stake in the ground and move forward with everyone on same page
Exit meeting with agreement and enter next meeting with clear updated documentation

10. Have hygiene
– Be early for all meetings
– Be wholly courteous, even when being screamed at by the customer or account management
– Practice your voice inflections over the telephone (are you easy to hear and understand)
– Dress for success
– Eliminate noise, irritants, plan ahead for meetings with objectives to streamline work and increase speed
– Complete CLAIM, fastidiously track hours and costs on time
– Folder, file management and archive all notes sent and received
– Intimate with these tools, IM – Netmeeting – telephone call in #s – notes – calendaring and multiple time zones, cell phones

Hopefully it will help you out of managing the project…


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